Useful Tools for Twitter Users

Great article from Social Media Examiner

Just a quick note on a post we came across about twitter tools, we decided to share it because it gives a good overview of the tools and tips and tricks on how to get the most from them: The 4 tools covered are:

  1. Twitterfeed
  2. Social Oomph
  3. Tweet Old Post
  4. Hootsuite

Here are some Twitter automation tools, services and tips, which when used the right way, can be a valuable addition to your social media strategy. And when I say the right way, I mean that you should be using these to supplement your regular social engagement and not only using these tools to give your account the look of activity.



More About QR Codes

They are proving popular

Last week we wrote an article about QR codes which has become one of our most popular posts this month. SInce then we have been noticing more and more information being posted about QR codes and whilst travelling home on the train one evening there was an advert in the Evening Standard that had no contact / referral details apart from the QR code. So we thought we would gather together a few of the QR related news items we have seen so far this week, but first:

What is a QR code?

From Wikipedia

A QR code is a matrix code (or two-dimensional bar code) created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. The “QR” is derived from “Quick Response”, as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.

3 things we have noticed about QR codes this week…

Number one is 10 ways to use QR codes:

  1. Coupons – QR Codes are a fantastic way to get coupons into the hands of consumers and can be placed on products, shelves, point-of-sale or even on signage outside the store.
  2. Consumer advice and information – QR Codes don’t just have to provide discounts and savings. They can be placed alongside products to provide additional information. For instance, wine sellers might place a QR Code alongside various varieties advising which foods they best accompany.
  3. Competitions – QR Codes can instantly enter a consumer into a competition, or take them to a web page where they can register for prizes.

See the full list at Biz Report

Second is a video that was shared with us by a great design agency we have worked with for a lot of years, eclipse creative.

And last but by no means least an infographic we saw on Mashable


Start Up Britain

David Cameron wants you!

Lots of talk today about Start Up Britain, a new website / initiative aimed at helping start ups hit the ground running. Still has parts of the site under development which is a bit annoying but it will be interesting to see how it develops over the coming months. Main criticisms are around the fact that it seems very politically motivated and that the resources are nothing more than offers from big corporations to try and get more business.

Hoever, having been through the start up process and helping other start ups it would be great to see initiatives like these grow wings and start to benefit businesses across the UK. GOOD LUCK to them!

StartUp Britain is a new campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, launched on 28th March 2011. Designed to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in the UK, it has the full backing of the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and HM Government.

This is a response from the private sector to the Government’s call for an ‘enterprise-led’ recovery. We believe that many of the important functions and services necessary to foster and champion new enterprise can be open-sourced, instead of provided by government directly. We aim to do this by creating a living market-place online for the wide range of enterprise support that is already available.

As a private sector organisation we aim to shoulder some of this responsibility for enterprise promotion with the government, re-modelling existing cost centres, and reducing the cost to the taxpayer.

Visit the site

Why We Use WordPress

Because it puts you in control!

Most of our blog posts are aimed at informing our clients / followers on what is useful and new on the World Wide Web. We have a particular focus on what will help improve your company’s online presence.

Just for a change however we thought we would offer up a bit of opinion, not perhaps a vision of original thought but just a view on why you should be using WordPress for your website.

The benefits of WordPress are well documented, try a simple Google search and you will start to see that there are a lot fans and a lot of information to take in. For what its worth we believe WordPress is a brilliant tool, its free, simple to use and continues to update itself.


There are many and varied plugins that allow you to quickly and easily add features to your site such as picture galleries, YouTube videos or SEO tools. We recently added a HTML site map to our WordPress website and took us all of five minutes thanks to the work carried out by someone else.


There are endless options when it comes to themes, you can find some great free themes and premium ones are only around £30 – £50 and include all the features you would ever need.  We use Headway, it gives us excellent control over our content and design and you don’t ned to be a programmer to make pretty significant changes.


Putting our clients in the driving seat is the main reason we use WordPress. We can set up a site; develop content and then hand over everything to our client’s in-house team. We are happy to offer ongoing help but with some very basic training anyone can add pages, pictures and video (Amongst other things) on an ongoing basis. You can take control of your website and use it as the hub for your online presence.

What’s next?

MW marketing is in the process of setting up a new training initiative based on WordPress. We want to give our clients the opportunity to learn more about online marketing and how straightforward it can be. We can:

  1. Set up your site and manage it from start to finish
  2. Develop your site and then teach you how to take control of your online presence
  3. Teach you how to set up websites for other people

Please let us have your comments…


Which site map is best?

Came across the video below from Google about site maps. We have always used XML site maps but thought it was worth adding a HTML version as well. Very simple to install and should have the desired results when it comes to search engines.  Watch the video and let us know your thoughts, if you want to see the difference between the 2 types take a look at the links below.

HTML Site Map

XML Site Map

17 Ways to Grow Your Blog

Great tips from top bloggers

This article has been getting a lot of coverage online so thought we should add to the circulation. Lots of good tips from some leading lights in the world of blogging, we picked up a few good ideas. Our top 3:

#1: Be Active in Other Communities First
#2: Write About What You Love
#3: Write Insanely Great Content

Top level seems a bit obvious but take the time to read some of the detail and examples, there are some good links and it’s also worthwhile spending a bit of time checking out the contributors.

Read the article at Social Media Examiner