Web Design Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

Top 5 in no particular order

This is worth reading, pop over to Mashable for the full article. Mashable post a lot of useful articles, hints and tips so it is worth subscribing but we thought should share this one. Top 5 web design mistakes made by small businesses are:

  1. Poor navigation
  2. No clear calls to action
  3. Colour and contrast
  4. Content, content, content
  5. Clutter

Agree or disagree? Read the full article for a good explanation of each and some advice on best practice.

Learn More About WordPress

Online video resource

Came across a nice WordPress training resource today, WP 101 has created a series of WordPress tutorials (17 in total) that cover the basic of setting up and getting started with WordPress. You do have to subscribe and donate (Minimum £10) but the more the resource is used the more it can be developed.

WordPress 101 is a series of unique training videos designed to provide an introductory overview of the WordPress content management system (CMS). These HD-quality video screencasts will help you learn how to use WordPress to publish your own blog posts and pages, edit existing content on your web site, interact with your readers, and build traffic to your site.

Visit the site to learn more

Probably the Best YouTube Channel?

Carlsberg sets new standards

We are currently in the process of updating parts of our online image. Our design agency is working on a new Facebook page and Twitter profile that we will start to roll into our other sites such as YouTube. We are looking forward to the results but we feel as though we will still be some way behind this effort from Carlsberg. Its worth a look!

Carlsberg on YouTube

Moment of Truth Goes Mobile

Mobile spending approaches £600m in UK

Came across a nice infographic today from Momads, see below, on the rise of mobile spending so thought it was worth sharing. We then found ourselves reading this article from UK Talk Marketing which has some good facts and figures…

British smart phone users are now spending £581m a year by making purchases on their mobile phone through apps. In research conducted by mobile marketing specialists The BIO Agency, it appears that one in five smartphone users in the UK purchase items through apps. This translates to an average spend of over £30 (£33.46) per person per month, equating to an annual spend of over £400 (£401.52).

The research also revealed that this new trend is due to the convenience of purchasing through apps on smartphones, with over 78 per cent of respondents citing this reason.

The study also analysed consumer behaviour across retail sectors to show which individual sectors generated the highest average consumer spend through apps. The categories included takeaway food, cinema tickets, books, DVDs/games, clothing, grocery shopping, travel tickets and music.

The top five areas that consumers spend through apps are groceries (average spend per person – £75.69 a month), followed by travel tickets (56.26 per month) and clothing (47.12 per month).

Read the full article


Internet Buttons

Make the World Wide Web super easy

This is a worthwhile tool from Internet Buttons. Not really our usual area of information sharing but a worthy pursuit none the less.

About Internet Buttons

Internet Buttons is a webtool that makes the Internet super easy. You can set up a page of personalised Buttons that click through to your favourite sites or services. Your personalised page of Buttons is saved on its own personalised URL that you can access from any computer.

There are also loads of helper bars, tips and advice to explain how to use it and how to get more out the web.

It removes all the complicated bits of the internet and makes it easy to keep going back to the places you want to go to. It’s the perfect thing for anyone new to the net or is just a bit web-rubbish. So if you know any one flummoxed by tweets, links and pokes or who’d appreciate learning how to email, Skype, or shop online, why not set them up with a page of Internet Buttons today?

Internet Buttons was created by the not-for-profit company We Are What We Do as part of their work to get people from different generations talking more, sharing more and spending more time together. 9.2 million people in the UK alone are offline, and 6.4 million of them are over 65. Yet 90% of communication between 11-18 years olds is digital. Interent Buttons aims to overcome this growing divide.

Have a look at the video below for more information or pop on over and check out some examples.