GBBO in Liverpool

Get British Business Online Marches Forward

We have been following the progress of the GET BRITISH BUSINESS ONLINE (GBBO) scheme for a WHILE NOW. The scheme offers businesses a free domain name and website and is a collaboration with BT, Google, E Skills and Enterprise UK. The video below gives a good round up of some of the work the Google team have been carrying out in Liverpool and is worth a watch.

More From Clever Ikea

Best use of clickable ads

A while back we wrote about how Ikea was MAKING THE MOST OF SOCIAL MEDIA, today we came across THIS ARTICLE ON MASHABLE. It reviews companies who are trying to beat the odds by producing some outstanding clickable ads. We though the Ikea one was past, check out the video below for more information.

UK Small Business Guide to Twitter

Twitter UK launch guide to celebrate anniversary

It’s a 1 year anniversary for Twitter, 12 months ago they opened their London office and now support over 10 million UK users. To celebrate they have launched a small business guide focused on the UK audience. The guide provides a walkthrough for Twitter newbies and for those more experienced users that want to get a bit more out of their existing accounts.


Pop over to Twitter to grab a copy, it’s a downloadable PDF so as usual you will need to provide a few details, don’t forget to state your Region to make sure you don’t get a version meant for another country. Please let us have any feedback on the guide in the comments below.

Growing Business Online Training

Another Google backed scheme

A little while ago WE WROTE ABOUT a Google backed scheme called GET BRITSH BUSINESS ONLINE. The scheme offers businesses a free domain name and website and was a collaboration with BT, Google, E Skills and Enterprise UK. Google have just launched another scheme this time in partnership with Pearson called GROWING BUSINESS ONLINE TRAINING. It is an online training package for businesses about best practice for being online.

The video below explains things in more detail, when you sign up you get the first module for free and then you can purchase the remaining modules for £99.

Facebook Shares on Sale This Week

A roundup of some Facebook news

Facebook shares will be on sale this Friday but it may prove difficult to get your hands on any. Most will only be available through brokers with whom you will have to had several previous trades and even then your purchase won’t be guaranteed. THIS ARTICLE from The BBC has some more detail on this and the increase in the initial share price offer which will value the company at over the $100 billion prediction.

We also came across a couple of info graphics that we thought were worth sharing. The first is from SOCIAL BAKERS and looks at how US based firms are using Facebook as a way into foreign markets. The second is from WORDSTREAM and compares the Facebook and Google IPO’s.



In Hopes of Inspiring

Paralympics ad filmed in one shot without CGI effects

Very simple story behind this post but please take a few minutes to watch the video below, it is well worth your time. Advertising agency BBDO Toronto were asked to produce an advert for the Canadian Paralympic Committee designed to inspire and inform young disabled athletes of the options available to them.  If your asking us they have done a very good job, especially on the inspiration point. You can read more at Design Taxi and let us know if the video inspires you.