The Future

Some useful thoughts on the future of media, work and market places

I spend a lot of time keeping tabs on what other people are saying about the latest technologies and online tools etc. One of the resources I use is Chris Brogan’s Blog. (Chris Brogan consults on the future of business communications, and social software technologies) Thought it was worth sharing a series of 3 recent articles on THE FUTURE. If you have a bit of spare time please take a look…


Media will be multi touch. By this, I mean to say that we will have text, video, audio, games, and several other interaction types as part of media. It will almost never be a standalone kind of product any more. Magazines won’t just be in print. Everything will blend between…READ THE FULL ARTICLE


I think about work often. I have been both an employee and a deep thinker about work since my first jobs. Even before I was of legal age to work, I had little business ideas and plans, and some of my beliefs, once thought to be pipe dreams, are a lot more common place…READ THE FULL ARTICLE


The Apple iPod came out a month after September 11th, in 2001, in October. It was consider groundbreaking for its marketing power: “1000 songs” was WAY easier to understand than how many megabytes of storage an MP3 player had on board. But, if you ask me…READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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