Advertising, Cutting the Costs

Fortune favours the bold!

While working for one of the UK’s fastest growing organisations in the automotive sector we were becoming more and more concerned with the level of advertising expenditure.   In particular a leading weekly publication for C2C and B2C buying and selling.

After much debate we cancelled all advertising with this publication. Expenditure was almost £10,000 a week and they had been advertising with them for over ten years so it wasn’t a decision that was taken lightly; but sometimes the only way to find out if something is or isn’t working is to stop doing it.

After the advertising was cut the impact on sales was immediately evident, there wasn’t one! Although the publication was very reputable and also the market leader in its sector it wasn’t right for them. They could have gone on pouring money into advertising that wasn’t working but instead we freed up resource for other initiatives with no loss of revenue.

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