Can Google + Help Your Business?

Maybe this infographic can help you decide

Do we have time for another social network? Not sure is the answer. Perhaps we should be thinking in terms of what time do we have for social media and how is that time best used rather than just deciding whether or not to join another network? We log in to our Google + Page everyday and share / connect just like we do with Twitter and Facebook profiles but because Google + is playing catch up the feedback we get is ‘Lets wait and see.’

Far be it from us to suggest you should run out and sign up today but please bear in mind that Google controls over 90% of search in the UK so they will look upon you favourably if you join and there are some big names promoting the service, such as Chris Brogan who is also the source of the info graphic below. (Originally from Blue Glass) You might also want to check out a couple of earlier articles we wrote on Google + and Google + Resources, they contain some useful information and links.


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