Not Convinced About WordPress?

Great stats about the worlds most popular CMS

ALL our websites are built with WordPress. WHY? Because we believe it is the best solution for a small to medium size business to get ahead online, simple to use and constantly updated WordPress provides a stable platform for your online marketing.

The text and info graphic below is from LION LEAF and is an excellent review of the current state of WordPress.

The latest version of WordPress – 3.7 launched last week bringing a number of new features to the worlds most popular CMS solution including background updates and better international support.

At Lionleaf, we use WordPress extensively on a number of our CT web design projects, and to celebrate the launch of the new version, we’ve put together an infographic that outlines some of the astonishing numbers about the growth and development of WordPress over the past 7 years as it’s evolved from a simple blogging platform into a CMS that powers around 1 in 5 websites in the world.


All Our Websites Are Responsive

Why do we bother?

A responsive website is simply one that changes its appearance depending on the size of the screen it is being viewed on, typically the main differences can be seen between desktop and mobile devices.

Why does this matter? Have a look at the infographic below from RESPONSIVE THEMES for a good explanation.


10 Years of WordPress, The World’s Best Content Management System

How is your website managed?

We started using WordPress about 5 years ago and now our whole business model is built around it. If you have never come across WordPress before it is basically a platform (Content Management System) from which to run your website. (Try searching Google for WordPress and see how many results come up)

Its main strength is the flexibility and ease with which you can develop your website and add all kinds of content without having to know anything about coding, it’s as straight forward as using Microsoft Word!

Anyway, WordPress is 10 years old and the infographic below was found at STATISTA.


58 Million Sites Run on WordPress

And counting…

We develop websites using WordPress. Why? Because we believe it’s the best tool available to put our clients in control of their online presence, they can happily add content and update their site as they see fit with minimal help from a web developer. Anyway, we came across some interesting stats at WPMU about the popularity of WordPress and thought they were worth sharing:

  • WordPress 3.3 has been downloaded over 12 million times
  • The latest version of the software was released on 12 December 2011, making that an average figure of 105,263 downloads per day
  • 16% of all websites run on WordPress in 2012. That’s an estimated 58,000,000 sites
  • Indonesians are the most prolific WordPress users on the planet. WordPress is the 8th most popular website in Indonesia. By contrast, it’s the 21st most popular in the United States, and 18th in the United Kingdom
  • WordPress holds 53.8% of the market share for Content Management Systems
  • Over half of all webmasters using any kind of CMS have chosen WordPress
  • Joomla, the closest competitor to WordPress in terms of popularity, holds just 9.2% of the CMS market. Drupal sits in third place with 6.7%
  • WordPress has been translated and localized into at least 73 different languages. This has been achieved entirely on a volunteer basis, by passionate WordPress users in all parts of the world
  • There are 19,017 plugins freely available in the WordPress Plugin Directory
  • Altogether, these plugins have been downloaded over 285,000,000 times
  • Over 20,000 people make their living with WordPress. Developers, designers, consultants, bloggers and countless other professionals use their WP skills to put bread on the table
  • Speaking of which, WordPress skills are in higher demand than ever. According to the latest Online Employment Report at Elance, WordPress programmers rank second place on a list of the 100 most sought-after freelance professionals

Let us know if you have any more facts and figures on WordPress, just drop them into the comments below.

Need a New Website?

Take Control in 2012

In order to rank your site Google looks at round 200 different factors and much less than half of Google’s attention is on your website, they are mainly looking at where you are mentioned on the World Wide Web and who is linking back to you. So if you want your website to help in your search engine efforts it is important that it is up to date and that you are adding good relevant content on a timely basis. Lots of businesses find this difficult to do because their website is out of date and it lacks the necessary features for collaboration and conversion.

All the websites we build use WordPress. WordPress is a content management system, it is often referred to as the best content managements system in the world and rightly so in our opinion. You can find out more about WordPress here. Why do we use it? There are lots of reasons but to keep it simple:

  • Very straightforward to add content
  • Automatic software updates
  • It is free to use
  • Excellent third party themes and features

Basically you can get a feature rich great looking website without all the hassle of coding and programming, it all pretty much comes straight off the shelf. The design and functionality is taken care of, all you have to do is think about content.