Church Websites

Responsive WordPress websites

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system in the world and we use it for all our website projects. Features include:

  • Easy to use interface which allows you to create unlimited pages and news posts
  • Post content whilst you are on the go and keep an eye on your stats and website notifications
  • Easy to build forms for newsletter signups, membership, job applications etc.
  • Create customised layouts and page structures with any type of content
  • Manage users easily with tiered access to determine content moderation permissions
  • Share your website content directly to your social media accounts as soon as it is published
  • All your media assets are organised for you and available to preview insert into any page or news post

Google and SEO friendly

Your website needs to be connected to Google so it appears correctly within search engine results. We will verify your website with Google’s search console and supply a website map to make it easy for Google to index as much of your content as possible.

Your website will also be configured correctly for SEO to give your content a much higher chance of ranking within search engine results. We can also help with Google My Business, a great way to get started with local SEO.

Content management

Keeping your website and its content up to date is vital to a continuing presence on the World Wide Web. Successful websites need to be updated, users and search engines need a reason to come back.

Our ongoing maintenance service covers the infrastructure required for your website to operate such as hosting, security certificates and spam protection. AND more importantly we also manage your content. This might include:

  • Optimising and adding images
  • Adding videos on a regular basis
  • Creating new pages and news articles
  • Donation campaigns
  • Adding prayer courses
  • Creating additional pages for specific times of the year such as Advent and Easter
  • Keeping Mass times up to date
  • Group updates

You provide the content and we will determine the best way to add it to your website. For example we update sermons each week at the Parish of Brentford and create pages for bespoke content such as Advent.

We added the past five years worth of the Church Newsletter at St John’s Church Weymouth and we keep their teachings page up to date by adding their Sunday Service each week.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) guidance

Making sure your user’s data is handled correctly is an important part of your online procedures and needs to be reflected in both your policy and your actions. We are happy to provide guidance and example documentation for your website.

Third party integrations

WordPress can integrate with many third party applications such as:

  • Mailchimp
  • Eventbrite
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Just Giving
  • Ticket Taylor
  • YouTube
  • Tawk To

By integrating social media, streaming and booking services into your website your community can connect and interact more easily. Services, groups, fundraising, all your activities can be facilitated online.

  • Advertise live streaming events and host the content afterwards, text video or audio
  • Create donation buttons linking directly to payment apps or take payments on your website
  • Display social media feeds directly on your website
  • Keep group timetables and activities up to date, allow users to register interest and share online meeting details
  • Use online chat tools to reach out to your community
  • Integrate Eventbrite, Ticket Taylor or similar online event management services
  • Increase your audience with automatic newsletter sign up

And much more besides, your website can become a hub for all the interactions you make with your community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Responsive design

All our websites respond to the device they are being viewed on; desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The layout adapts to the width of the screen and as the viewing area gets narrower the layout responds to give the best possible user experience.

Social media

Most social media feeds can be directly embedded into your website, usually the home page makes a great spot to keep people up to date with what you are posting online.

We can also help with social media platform selection and help develop guidelines as well as artwork creation to make sure your brand is consistent online.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Google recently announced that having an SSL Certificate is the easiest thing site owners can do to boost SEO ranking. The Google search boost for using SSL applies to all sites, whether they have personal information or not. All our websites include a SSL certificate as standard.


We will look after the health and protection of your website but you will have full access to all areas of the platform. You will also be fully integrated with Google analytics so you can keep an eye on your website stats including where your visitors are coming from, the pages they visit and what device they use.

Would you like to get started?

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