Keep an Eye on Viral Marketing (Video)

New Media Age Viral Brand Chart

Smashing the chart this week is the latest viral from Nike featuring US basketball star Lebron James, which has racked up an impressive 2.9 million views and 37,000 Facebook shares in the last week. Nike also feature at number six in the chart, with a Christiano Ronaldo clip that’s clocked up 343,000 views and 2,500 Facebook shares in the last few days. Other virals of note this week include Gillette’s B.O. campaign with 836,000 views and First Direct’s piggy back campaign which has generated 36,000 views but only 25 Facebook shares.

Above excerpt is direct from the site, keep an eye on them as they help to generate new ideas and help demonstrate the latest thinking and techniques. My favourite is at number 4, TRON LEGACY…ENJOY:

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