GL connects

In 2004 MW marketing developed the Arizion website for Geoff and Gita Langston, their aim was to support individuals and organisations providing their internal and external customers with a consistently amazing experience.

Over the last two years, Geoff and Gita’s passion for encouraging people to realise their potential has developed to include individuals, organisations, and communities taking both commercial and voluntary approaches to the work. As a result of this, Geoff and Gita have reviewed the purpose and vision of Arizion and believe that the true value of their approach is the connections that are formed and develop within individuals and between people. To reflect this renewed vision and purpose, GL connects has been launched. The passion, motivation, expertise and values remain the same.

The new website has retained a lot of the archived content from the original site for continuity but a whole range of new services have been added as well a completely new look and feel.