Start Up Britain

David Cameron wants you!

Lots of talk today about Start Up Britain, a new website / initiative aimed at helping start ups hit the ground running. Still has parts of the site under development which is a bit annoying but it will be interesting to see how it develops over the coming months. Main criticisms are around the fact that it seems very politically motivated and that the resources are nothing more than offers from big corporations to try and get more business.

Hoever, having been through the start up process and helping other start ups it would be great to see initiatives like these grow wings and start to benefit businesses across the UK. GOOD LUCK to them!

StartUp Britain is a new campaign by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, launched on 28th March 2011. Designed to celebrate, inspire and accelerate enterprise in the UK, it has the full backing of the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and HM Government.

This is a response from the private sector to the Government’s call for an ‘enterprise-led’ recovery. We believe that many of the important functions and services necessary to foster and champion new enterprise can be open-sourced, instead of provided by government directly. We aim to do this by creating a living market-place online for the wide range of enterprise support that is already available.

As a private sector organisation we aim to shoulder some of this responsibility for enterprise promotion with the government, re-modelling existing cost centres, and reducing the cost to the taxpayer.

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