Optimise Your Website

One page cheat sheet from Google

Came across this on the GOOGLE WEBMASTER BLOG today, it’s a simple 3 step guide to optimising your site. You can DOWNLOAD A COPY HERE.

Not very complicated is it? As ever Google are simply trying to promote doing the basics right as these are the key elements that can make a big difference to how you perform online. Good content that is well presented will beat all the tricks and SEO magic every time.


Responsive Website Design

Websites Should Respond to Mobile Browsers

More a more in depth explanation of this pop on over to COPY BLOGGER. (Their article prompted us to write this one)

When ever we start a project for a client one thing we always point out is that all our websites are responsive, this simply means that they react to the size of screen they are being viewed on. It’s easy enough to tell just reduce the size of this screen by dragging the corner and as the window gets narrower the website will respond, most noticeably in the menus, they change format.

So what?

Take a look at the image below, it shows the 4 main stages of this website, when you get to mobile browser size the website still displays correctly because it has responded to the screen size. This means your users get the best experience and you don’t have to set up a separate mobile site.


Does your website respond?

Most don’t, but if you would like one that does then get in touch: