Website check list

Content is king but we also look after the technical side.

We always try and emphasis to our clients that the technical side of setting up a website is much less important than developing the content that will be displayed on the website.  We stand by this but that doesn’t mean to say we overlook the technical side, we go into great detail to make sure the website has all the features and connectivity to allow it do compete online and be easily visible to users and search engines.

Listed below is an abbreviated version of the checklist we run through, over 100 points that need to be scrutinised and tested to make sure you and your website get the most out of the World Wide Web.

  1. Hosting account set up
  2. FTP accounts set up
  3. Email addresses set up if required
  4. WordPress content management system installed and configured
  5. Required theme installed and configured
  6. All pages installed and formatted
  7. Users and access levels configured
  8. Restricted / password protected content installed if required
  9. Maintenance mode feature enabled
  10. Site cache function (Load speed) set up
  11. SSL certificate installed
  12. Content delivery network and image optimisation configured
  13. Video embed working
  14. Cookies notification badge configured
  15. Blog available
  16. Portfolio installed
  17. Easy editing features available
  18. Google location map installed
  19. RSS feed installed and working
  20. RSS subscription option available
  21. Menus installed and navigation tested
  22. Antispam protection working correctly
  23. Favicon installed
  24. 404 errors are handled correctly linking back to home page
  25. Contact form connected to email database with automatic notifications
  26. Easy redirect options available
  27. Keyword check and placement carried out
  28. Easy content sharing options available
  29. HTML sitemap installed
  30. XML sitemap activated
  31. XML site map submitted to Google
  32. External linking set up
  33. Author bio configured
  34. Main contact form configured
  35. Separate contact forms used throughout the website
  36. Related content promoted
  37. Global title tags and page descriptions installed
  38. Title tags update function by page / post
  39. Page descriptions (Meta) update function
  40. Comments system activated on posts / pages (If applicable)
  41. Current marketing material checked for consistency with website
  42. Contact numbers, email and address all checked
  43. Current online presence reviewed
  44. Copy obtained from current site
  45. All admin email fields updated to preferred client contact
  46. Plugin performance scan (P3) carried out
  47. Storage folders reviewed
  48. Manage WP account activated
  49. Backups scheduled
  50. Recovery from backup tested
  51. Capitalisation checked (especially of main headings)
  52. Consistency in common phrases and text
  53. Hyperlink text checked / hyperlinks working
  54. Image names and alt tags are appropriate for the website
  55. Permalinks updated
  56. Slug configuration consistent
  57. Tags updated (Taxomomy checked)
  58. Search function installed and returns relevant results
  59. GDPR policy checked by client (Sign off required)
  60. Mark up validation report (Chrome) ran
  61. Website access notes issued to client
  62. Images and text files copied and issued to client
  63. Screen captures for entire site taken
  64. Theme and plugins with activation codes backed up
  65. Copy of contact form output issued to client
  66. Verify http:// and www. domain names via Google Webmaster
  67. Domain name variations checked
  68. Short domain check
  69. Re direction of old URL’s
  70. Screen size compatibility check carried out
  71. Browser check: Internet Explorer / Firefox / Safari / Chrome
  72. Site load time checked and reviewed
  73. Social media connections working
  74. Embed social media feed if required
  75. Google local listings configured
  76. Gravatar account set up
  77. Gravatar installed
  78. WordPress account set up
  79. Submit to search engines
  80. Social media name check carried out
  81. Protect any sensitive pages (e.g. administration area)
  82. config file checked and updated
  83. htaccess file updated if required
  84. robot text file added if required
  85. Login lockdown installed
  86. Client agreement issued
  87. Google alert monitoring set up
  88. Website uptime monitoring (Downtime alerts)
  89. WordPress and plugin updates checked
  90. Google analytics installed
  91. Login redirect configured
  92. Short code features available
  93. Email capture forms installed
  94. Add to Webmaster account
  95. Install Google verification file in root directory
  96. Contact details visible throughout website
  97. Client training scheduled
  98. Landing page options reviewed
  99. Local time set
  100. New subscriber options set
  101. Front page and blog page configured in settings


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