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Ealing Law Centre

Ealing Law Centre existence today is a testimony to the determined efforts of a group of lawyers and members of the community who, in the face of adversity, worked to ensure that the London Borough of Ealing had legal services that served its community,

This determined group of individuals wanted to ensure that members of the community who were facing homelessness, poverty and were without the means had access to legal advice about their rights and entitlements. They secured a small grant of £5,000 from the London Legal Support Trust and helped to start the work they do today. They owe them all a great debt of gratitude as well as to all the volunteers, funders who have helped them to continue their work.

Ealing Law Centre provides the community rights based legal services which enable the community to exercise their rights and entitlements to housing, welfare rights and rights as migrants.

They are the only specialist legal services provider in the area providing free legal services in housing, immigration and welfare rights law.

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