Caring listening and helping on Ealing’s streets

Ealing Street Pastors are a registered local charity made up of volunteers from local churches. They train each volunteer through the national Street Pastor training programme. Once trained the Ealing Street Pastors patrol in groups of three or more in key centres across the borough of Ealing on Fridays and Saturday nights.

Each patrol is led by an experienced team leader and supported by Prayer Pastors. They patrol from between 10pm to 4am dependant on how busy the streets are. They work with local Police and the local authority to help serve them and to agree the areas which they patrol.

They have a lot of fun and it’s amazing how friendly people are from the general public, to shop keepers, taxi driver and those that might need a helping hand!

Visit the website to view the results

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Mark is fantastic and really helped one of the charities I volunteer with called Ealing Street Pastors. He build a brilliant website that was exactly what we were after, he was very efficient, met all the deadlines and a pleasure to work with.

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