Responsive WordPress websites

35% of the entire World Wide Web is powered by WordPress

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system in the world and we use it for all our website projects. We will look after the whole process for you. We take your content (new and existing) and use it to set up a whole new website with all the features you need to be successful online. Your website can be focused on:

  • Your company
  • A particular campaign
  • Branding or individual brand
  • Charity sector
  • Social media profiles (create a hub)

We also have an ongoing maintenance and management programme, this covers ongoing service and support for all aspects of your website, not just the technical things such as hosting, security and back ups but the management of your content. Any time you want to amend, adjust or add to your website simply send us the content and we will do the rest.

Google and SEO friendly
Your website needs to be connected to Google so it appears correctly within search engine results. We will verify your website with Google’s search console and supply a website map to make it easy for Google to index as much of your content as possible.

Your website will also be configured correctly for SEO to give your content a much higher chance of ranking within search engine results. We can also help with Google My Business, a great way to get started with local SEO.

WordPress app
Post content whilst you are on the go and keep an eye on your stats and website notifications. WordPress have developed their app to keep you connected where-ever you choose to work and we will get you up and running with their app on your mobile devices.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) guidance
Making sure your user’s data is handled correctly is an important part of your online procedures and needs to be reflected in both your policy and your actions. We are happy to provide guidance and example documentation for your website.

Mailchimp integration
If you currently have a newsletter or are thinking of starting one we will integrate your Mailchimp account (we may be able to integrate other providers such as Campaign monitor) so users can sign up directly from your website. The whole process will be automated and it will help increase your subscribers.

Responsive design
All our websites respond to the device they are being viewed on; desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The layout adapts to the width of the screen and as the viewing area gets narrower the layout responds to give the best possible user experience.

Social media
Most social media feeds can be directly embedded into your website, usually the home page makes a great spot to keep people up to date with what you are posting online.

We can also help with social media platform selection and help develop guidelines as well as artwork creation to make sure your brand is consistent online.

Rich content
Galleries, maps, videos, news feeds etc are what’s known as rich content and will improve the look and feel and the usability of your website. Embedding and integrating these features comes as part of your website set up.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Google recently announced that having an SSL Certificate is the easiest thing site owners can do to boost SEO ranking. The Google search boost for using SSL applies to all sites, whether they have personal information or not. All our websites include a SSL certificate as standard.

We will look after the health and protection of your website but you will have full access to all areas of the platform. You will also be fully integrated with Google (and WordPress if you wish) analytics so you can keep an eye on your website stats including where your visitors are coming from, the pages they visit, what device they use and even what operating system.

We can also help you keep an eye on where you appear online using Google Alerts.